finding all the possibilities in today

January 6, 2015

sometimes it seems we turn around once and a year passes by without a moments notice. the days that looked like they stretched forever on the 2014 calendar suddenly were gone, a new year lies before us, and we know the moments and hours will pass much faster than we want.

to capture every day and live each moment with awareness we have to focus on now, this moment in time. when we look past all of these moments we fail to live and when we fail to live we find ourselves looking back and wondering ‘where did the time go’?

each day is truly a gift, a present to be opened with care and savored for each moment, each morsel of time.

 so live, live in this moment, take each second and hold it tight, fill up each day with life…the life you want, not one in a magazine, a TV show or the one your neighbor has or your best friend or co-worker. live your life, let each moment, good and bad, keep you grounded in this day, the one in which you are present.

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never borrow from tomorrow or look back at yesterday for what is past can’t be changed and borrowing from tomorrow depletes a new day of possibilities.

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