Yesterday I was reading a blog post by artist Anne Marie Horner and she made this statement “I learned something very poignant recently. Studies have shown that the brain can not actually feel the emotions of anxiety and gratitude at the same time.  They are opposites.   So much so, that psychologists suggest writing down all the things you are grateful for each day as a way to get your brain on the healthier side.”

That struck a chord with me…and made me think about setting aside time each day to write about what I am grateful for, so I have a ‘grateful journal’ on my desktop to write in each day.

Today I thought I would take that a step further and suggest that doing fun things is another way to keep ourselves healthy. Even the smallest activity that takes us away from the mundane chores or tasks can lighten our mood, makes us smile, relax us and refresh us.

Give it some thought…maybe a fun list and a gratitude list can help all of us be healthier.

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