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Thursday reviews

here are a few blogs I enjoy reading.

two home decor blogs: and

the writer of this blog has a great sense of humor, and gives her readers a view of a great southern city…Fairhope, Alabama.

this artist is new to my list of blogs…love her art!

more artists with beautiful art

this artwork is part of new collections I am currently working on….all my art is available for licensing.

Pink Lilies Stationary

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Things to lift the spirits

In the midst of winter with temperatures once again dipping low here in the deep south of the US, it is time to look for some bright spots to warm the heart.

One of the brightest spots for me right now is the Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp Gallery It is Live!

Go here to view all the wonderful submissions! 

 You will be so glad you took the time.  It will take a while since there are over 400 entries this month. Get a warm cup of your favorite beverage, get comfortable and click on each entry to see the wonderful detail.

 Another bright spot for me is the design I submitted after taking cues from Lilly’s assignment, color ideas and inspirations.  I love the design and definitely will be taking this and developing it further for my portfolio.


And then there is this song…

you’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don’t mess with mister in between

Keep the good, throw out the bad!


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