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new beginnings

often there are opportunities to begin again…maybe a new career path, a new city, a new home…sometimes life’s ups and downs bring changes…whatever the reason, there are new beginnings.

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new beginnings…opportunities to move forward, see new horizons, dream new dreams.

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never despise the day of small beginnings….Zechariah 4:10


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Change in the New Year

Shaking things up a bit can be the catalyst for making changes, and achieving dreams.  The question is ‘how’’? Here are some ideas;

Take one day at a time—Be free to explore daily possibilities.

Let go of great expectations—Happiness doesn’t depend upon achieving the big goals.  Some things just aren’t that important. 

Live each day like it will be the last—focus on what is important. The things that don’t matter will naturally fall away.

Set mini goals achievable in a day or a few days—It helps to identify real passions and interests.  

Develop a different attitude—A positive attitude is crucial to being joyful, thankful, happy, financially successful, spiritually, physically and emotionally fit. 

Be an individual—This the  most important key to happiness and success.  There are so many cookie cutter people, all trying to be just like someone else.  Live and die by a standard that is unique to your personality.  Let go of following others.. navigate life without fear; be a leader. 

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Living life with purpose and intention leads to happiness and joy,


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New Year

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Every New Year there is the search for a better way to approach the new calendar.  Should it be with a resolution, choosing a word or an un word, setting new goals or writing out a plan? How about this idea? 

Choose 14 (as in 2014) things to do before the end of the year. A challenge to do things differently, get a new perspective on what’s important…shake things up a bit. Here’s my list.

1. Volunteer as a tutor
2. Run a 5K for charity
3. Smile at strangers
4. Mentor a student
5. Donate photography and art for a charity auction
6. Get in touch with friends I seldom see
7. Donate money to a new charity
8. Help someone achieve a goal
9. Let more people go in front of me at the checkout counter
10. Donate books to the library
11. Spend more time with family
12. Listen more to what others are going through
13. Give homeless people gift bags (filled with snacks, food coupons, socks, and personal care items)
14. Listen more/talk less

make a personal list…there are lots of opportunities to make a difference, change habits, and live differently.

Happy New Year!


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