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embracing change

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” Emily Bronte


oh the magic of the changing seasons,

as the leaves begin their yearly ritual of color explosion

winds begin to blow and leaves begin to fly;

the crisp, cool air signals

it’s time to settle in for the coming

days of seasonal changes

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Every season has something grand and beautiful planned!

Embrace the change!


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it is always amazing how as the seasons change there is always something that blooms… 


a new season of possibilities

the purple mums that looked like they might not make the hot, dry summer

are now reaching upward and bursting with color.  colorful proof of all the

possibilities that surround us each day. 


a new season of possibilities


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Art Licensing

One of the best investments I have made this year is joining   ALSC  is a protected portfolio site for licensing artists to connect with art directors, manufacturers and other artists.  Cherish Flieder , the founder, and the ALSC team are doing an amazing job with this site.  ALSC is the new show in the art licensing industry, and it is impressive!


Opportunities for moving forward with our goals come in many forms, and as doors of opportunity open it is wise to make clear decisions, chart a course and get busy. That is exactly what I have been doing in the last month.  My sketch books are full of ideas and new artwork is being created.  I will be uploading new work to my portfolio page on ALSC this week. 

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After spending years working in a totally different field, I am finding great joy playing with paints and a camera.



whatever your dreams…the best way to pursue them, is one day at a time”vlos

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a morning walk

is a laboratory of sights and sounds. the odd plants that grow along the roadside….


 Mr. Scarecrow diligently watching a neighbor’s garden.

on down the road past the rows of fence, and 

another neighbor, Mr. Goat has decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

just around the next bend….

the neighbor’s beautiful flower gardens await…

back to where I started….looks like the magnolia will be full of blooms soon!what a beautiful day in the neighborhood! 

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