“Write It Down, Make It Happen”

“Write It Down, Make It Happen” Henriette Anne Klauser     This book has been in my library for a number of years. It has been read and reread; the margins are covered with notes and each page has underlined passages. In other words, I love this book!

“Setting your intent, focusing on the outcome, being clear about what you want in life can make your dreams come true.” The writer reminds the reader that the common thread in “Write It Down, Make it Happen” is also in many books that were written fifty, sixty, even seventy years ago, and that theme is ‘the first step in all of them is to write down your goal.’ 

I have proven this principal in my life. For years I have written out goals and dreams and many of them have come to pass. In my opinion, the fact that I wrote them down helped me to focus and believe.

On page 23 the author talks about faith.”I saw a bumper sticker with a catchy slogan on a car in the church parking lot. I copied it onto the back of the Sunday bulletin so I’d remember it. It said, “Good Happens.” It made me smile to see that sign. Good happens” is the philosophy behind this book—my premise is the overriding belief that good things happen and that life is a narrative you have a hand in writing.”

I know from personal experience writing out my goals is an act of faith, and when I see them come to fruition I believe it is because God honors my faith.

If you haven’t read this book, I do recommend it. The reading is easy, informative, lots of examples, and the book leaves the reader with a sense of optimism. This review is my personal opinion and no compensation is involved.

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Simple living

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Spring is my favorite time of the year, and I would much rather be outdoors than in the kitchen. So, I have been looking for easy dishes that require little preparation and cleanup. 

This recipe http://www.anoregoncottage.com/cranberry-walnut-feta-broccoli-slaw/ sounded delicious, and after a quick trip to the grocery store I mixed it up with a few changes.


  • 1 package. shredded broccoli-carrot slaw (10-12 oz.)
  • 1/2 c. dried cranberries
  • 1/2 c. coarsely chopped walnuts
  • 1/3 c. crumbled feta (optional)

Toss this mixture with balsamic dressing and serve.  I used a store bought balsamic dressing, but the recipe includes instructions for homemade. I forgot to get the cheese, but the next time I make this I will try the cheese. Super easy and delicious…not sure why I haven’t tried the broccoli mix before.  

Hope you like this…let me know, and drop in at http://www.anoregoncottage.com for more recipe ideas.

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Being outdoors enjoying beautiful weather and God’s creation is always a good thing.

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Things to lift the spirits

In the midst of winter with temperatures once again dipping low here in the deep south of the US, it is time to look for some bright spots to warm the heart.

One of the brightest spots for me right now is the Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp Gallery It is Live!

Go here to view all the wonderful submissions! 

 You will be so glad you took the time.  It will take a while since there are over 400 entries this month. Get a warm cup of your favorite beverage, get comfortable and click on each entry to see the wonderful detail.

 Another bright spot for me is the design I submitted after taking cues from Lilly’s assignment, color ideas and inspirations.  I love the design and definitely will be taking this and developing it further for my portfolio.


And then there is this song…

you’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don’t mess with mister in between

Keep the good, throw out the bad!


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new beginnings

often there are opportunities to begin again…maybe a new career path, a new city, a new home…sometimes life’s ups and downs bring changes…whatever the reason, there are new beginnings.

copyright two&Vine all rights reserved    two&Vine is a new beginning…a place for like minded people to join together and do the things they love.  a new place for creativity…taking baby steps toward dreams, hopes and aspirations.

new beginnings…opportunities to move forward, see new horizons, dream new dreams.

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never despise the day of small beginnings….Zechariah 4:10


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